"Your A Looser!!1!"

you MAY think that i"M a looser becoz i have a BLOG and all but if you realy think about it, whose the bigger looser? YOu or me? it is you!!1 you are actualy reading this piece of crap LOL! Get a life and get a BRIAN, moran! also it would be HEIGHTS if your a blogger too! then your compeletely hopeless!~


Anonymous said...

lost ur "BRAIN"???!!!

Guess ur first typo-->"BRIAN"

One more observation:-
Ur exclamations (!!!) always end wit with "1" or includes 1.

hexium said...


Really? "BRAIN" was the FIRST typo you could find?

How about you add this word to your vocabulary?

sar·chasm ('sär-"ka-z&m) : The giant gulf (chasm) between what is said and the person who doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Yep theres so much more to learn from u... Mr.Sarcastium :D