Unless you've been living under an internet rock, you must have certainly come across on a forum or in a chat room or wherever, a nickname, the gender of which you could not determine. At some point, you might have had to refer to the person behind that nickname using a pronoun and at that point faced the all-important question -- do you use 'he' or 'she'?

Using 'it' would be downright lame. Don't tell me you were seriously considering using it. (See what I did there?) ;)

But now, do not fear, the solution is here. I propose the addition of a new pronoun to the English language. It is not even a new word; it is an existing word 'overloaded' to perform this function of a pronoun to refer to a person of unknown/indeterminable gender on the internet.

This word is a portmanteau of 3 words -- He, she, and it.


Voila! There you have it. Now you no longer have to worry about determining a person's gender before referring to sheet using a pronoun!

~ Yes, I am aware that SHE+HE+IT can be combined into another word.
~~ No, I am not going to comment on whether or not it is a better term than 'sheet.' It Depends.
~~~ That word could get you kicked out from a chat room or banned from a discussion board, but 'sheet' is rated U -- suitable for all audiences!

So Nation, go out and spread this wørd!

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