"No Soap Radio!"

The following is a dramatization of an IM conversation. Names have been obfuscated. Some details may have been changed for dramatic purposes (or simply fabricated.)

h: hey you guys! I have a joke!
s: mm'kay, tell us.
d: jhyeah! tell us!
h: Two penguins are sitting in a bathtub.
h: One penguin says to the other, "Please pass the soap."
d: heh.
h: And then the other penguin replies, "No soap radio!"
d: ROFL!
d: HAHAHahahahahah
h: hehe :D :D
s: ??! :S
h: LOL!
d: Hahahahha
d: didn't you get it? "No soap, radio!"
s: no :S
h: dude.
h: No.
h: Soap.
h: Radio.
h: how hard can it be to 'get' this?
d: jhyeah, you really dint get it ?
d: "... no soap, radio!" get it now??
s: Oh. I think i got it
s: Ahahaha
d: Hey. Wait. There are no polar bears at the south pole! :/


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it was actually so funny right now.. that i forgot i post teh comment and so i post it again and then i realized i post it twice and hence i post this. LOL :roll: