"Post Content is True"

Post title is false.


"Wierd Weather"

The weather nowadays is weird. Weirder than the weird spelling of 'weird' in the post title. Seriously.

I've started out from home in overcast conditions, (obviously) wearing a jacket. But 15 minutes through the journey, the clouds have suddenly disappeared and it's bright sunshine. My black jacket now acts like a perfect black body, absorbing all of the sun's radiation (Physics, biyatch, should I teach you it?), and literally cooks me inside.

The same works in reverse too, I start out, wearing a T-shirt, when the skies are sunny -- and then it rains.

(On a side note, if "wet T-shirt" was the first word connection that came to your mind when you read the last sentence, I like the way you think ;) . However if you thought 'hexium in a wet T-shirt', that's... somewhat disturbing. You might want to seek help. :/ )

Back to topic -- Global Warming (sorry, "Climate Change", as you like to be called nowadays), alright, you win. I'm a believer. Now please stop doing that. It's annoying.


"Still Alive"

There haven't been too many updates for a while but yeah, I'm... still alive. Which, coincidentally, is the title of the song I am about to plug -- Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton.

I recently played a game called Portal (awesome game, go play it!) and this song (yes, a YouTube link, sue me. Also, CONTAINS SPOILERS! Do not click if you intend to play the game!) played while the ending credits rolled. The lyrics make a lot of sense in the context of the game. References to Aperture Science, cake, and Black Mesa (yes, the Black Mesa, of Half Life fame) make this song full of win.

Warning: It's an insanely catchy tune. I am not responsible if it's stuck in your head for days/weeks/months/years (OK it hasn't been a year since the song was out, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be forgotten any time soon).

PS: The cake is a lie!

PPS: Or is it??

PPPS: Only GLaDOS knows!