"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

I saw her for the first time
man that sight was sublime
she was combing her hair
she looked good I swear
you should've been there
to believe that sight
on that warm summer night
stars shining bright
in the wide open sky
I really have no clue why
throbbing was my jugular
heartbeat was irregular
blood pressure increasing
can't describe the feeling
my head started reeling
my palms grew all sweaty
collapsed like spaghetti
like being in a whirlpool
oh was I such a lovefool
tried hard to keep cool
but damn! that sensation
like floating, levitation
beyond imagination
irresistible temptation
I just kept on staring
yes, it was daring
but I wasn't caring
I was just looking at her
One thing was for sure
her face was angelic
the feeling psychedelic
I admired the creation
felt a sense of elation
Heart said "go, propose"
Brain tried to oppose
Heart wasn't listening
too busy whistling
despite my trepidation
and all the hesitation
Heart was the winner
I asked her out to dinner
after like, forever
she said, "whatever"
then my jaws hit the floor
and eyes started to roll
I bled and bled and bled
and then I was dead
It took me quite a while to realise
the last thing I saw with my eyes
before I met my gory end
was her jealous boyfriend.

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