"Ha Ha! Mistake!"

One of my Orkut testimonials tells me that I like to point out others' mistakes and laugh at them. My response? Nolo contendere.

You make a silly mistake. I point it out and laugh. You get annoyed. I enjoy.

You make a typo. I point it out and laugh. You get annoyed. I enjoy.

You say something innocent. I take a double meaning. You get annoyed. I enjoy.

But don't hate me for it; I'm just trying to make the world a better place. How, you ask? Here's how.

The next time you are about to make a silly mistake, or about to say something which could possibly be misinterpreted, you will think twice, since you don't want to get laughed at. Soon it becomes second nature to you to double check everything you are about to say.

Thus, your speech becomes less ambiguous and less error prone. You become an effective communicator and a great orator. Everyone wins, everyone is happy.

Except me, that is. I don't get to pick on your mistakes anymore since you don't make any. I am deprived of these little joys which give me so much happiness.

I am thus sacrificing my own happiness to make others happy. Isn't that what life is all about?


Daksh said...
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Daksh said...

Well i know how world could be a better place one upper cut punch on your face....

We have a winner >>>>Me<<<<

You remember the hexium fan club.... How much u got irritated....?
U better loose your habit or some man with black mask would come to save the world kick ur butt, smash your face and mark his initials on your shirt....

Daksh said...

Man now I remember I had read this blog... Well I think you have already stopped and changed your habit.... haven't u...



hexium said...

Not really. I still do that.