"Wht U Dng"

"wht u dng m gng 2 mv cmng"

u no i srsly dnt undrstnd y ppl hv 2 typ liek dis!! but d scary part 2 me iz dat most ppl can actly undrstnd wit no prblms at al!! im sure ur understnding dis 2!!

dis typ of lang wuz inventd coz in a sms der iz a limit on d no of charz dat can b sent in 1msg so ppl hd to cram as mch as possble into 1 single sms but i dnt see y dis hs 2 b d case wen U hv a keybd n unltd msg lngth??? can ne1 expl 2 me dis???

if d point iz to be as incohernt as possibl den i might as well fmffmmmpp Pmpmppppppppffmfmmpfmmppmmmpmp while u guyz brk ur headz tryin 2 trnsl8 it!!

Hint: clik on d link n copy paste d text into d box n u can trnsl8

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