Holy crap it's almost one full year since I started this blog! While this is a completely meaningless milestone, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and contemplate the reasons why I did what I did.

So after a lot of soul-searching, here's a brief list of the top 10 reasons why I started this blog (in no particular order):

1. Prior Art

A needed a place to document all my lexicological innovations, inventions ("Sheets") and theories ("It Depends") so that I can sue anyone else who tries to claim them.

2. Peer Pressure

"But mommy ALL my friends have one... can't I get one too?"

Also, the feeling of 'hah! Your blog sucks! I can do better!'

3. Pedantry

I love to make fun of the way people speak or type ("Your A Looser!!1!", "What U Dng") and I love it when people make mistakes ("Ha Ha! Mistake!"). I can't help it. I just do.

4. Practice Writing
(but I still got only a 4.5/6)

But I'm probably better now than I was when I started. Which is a good thing.

5. Poetry

I think sometimes
I need some places
To keep my rhymes
And tie my laces

6. Puns and in-jokes

Some posts will be hilarious... only to the elite ones who 'get' it. Most of you will never 'get' any (pun intended?). You are not expected to. Get over it. No Soap Radio.

7. Photography

To showcase my (non-existent) photography skillz, and also because my new cell had a camera (well it was new at that time... speaking of which -- Happy Birthday dear w810i!)

8. Propagate memes

In Soviet Russia, the internets need MOAR rickrolls and a Beowulf cluster of LOLcats! Netcraft confirms it! [citation needed]

9. Preparing for future "WTF" moments

A few years (months?) later when I read this, I will surely go "wtf was I thinking!"

Might as well ensure it happens! >.>

10. Hypocrisy

I had the enlightening realization that every human being, at sheet's core, is a hypocrite. I tried hard not to be one, and to practice what I preached, but it just wasn't possible. I hated blogs and bloggers, and yet, I am one of 'them' now. Yay! I am a hypocrite! I can 'belong'!

(Crap, that last one broke the nice P-alliteration I had going on.)

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Sriki said...

Well!! if you wanted the "P" thing going.. you could have called it "Practicing Hypocrisy" :)