"25 Things About Me"

1) I got tagged on Facebook with this '25 things about me' thingee, but since I have to mildly rebel, I'll reply here instead.

2) I hate email "forwards". 

3) I am an internet addict.  

4) Most suitable D&D alignment? Probably lawful evil.

5) I don't like divulging information about myself. 

10) I'm gonna give you 25 things about me, but in base 6.  

11) This point intentionally left blank. 

12) I love pointing out your mistakes.  

13) I love taking things apart. 

14) I watch way too many TV shows. 

15) I love to read but hate to buy books.  You got any to lend me?

20) I'm still counting in base 6.

21) Am I ignorant and apathetic? I don't know and frankly, don't really care. 

22) I love animals. (They're so tasty. )

23) I believe parrots must be feared

24) I am apparently very predictable. I have been told this by multiple independent sources so it must be true. Also I apparently love using the words 'also' and 'apparently'. (And I am pretty sure many of you reacted "ahhh I knew I could trust hexium to do something like this!" when you read points 10 and 20. Who's the predictable one now, huh?)

25) Filling this list took way longer than I thought it would. 

1 comment:

Pranesh said...

good one... I love it... esp the base 6 idea!!! awesome... plannin to copy it with due reference to the source ofcourse... ;)