"Thank You!"

A big thank you to everyone who wished me on my birthday.

But, an EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to those who didn't! You saved me the trouble and the expense of inviting you to my treat!


Though it was my birthday, I didn't feel any different that day than I did the day before. I didn't magically undergo any transformation (as far as I know) at the stroke of midnight. I didn't suddenly get a +1 level up either.

In short, I don't consider birthdays to be that big a deal. A birthday is just another ordinary day. To those of you who said "but it comes just once in a year!", I have a newsflash -- so does EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year.

But if there is one thing birthdays are good for, it is for reconnecting.

Ever had a situation where you haven't contacted a close friend in a long-enough while that it would get quite awkward for you to initiate contact at that point? A birthday is a perfect way to end the impasse -- a happy birthday wish, and you're back in contact! (Make sure you don't mess it up this time!)

So, at least once a year, every year, people, "keep in touch".

Oh and that birthday cake, it is a lie. Sorry.

Update: The cake was NOT a lie! :D

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Pranesh said...

I too always felt the same about b'days,, but not about the reconnecting thing... I really would not like to be wished by all the who's who of th orkut gang on m b'ay...