"Hello, $Random_Stranger!"


It looks like I've been linked from the outside world now!

This means that if you're reading this, you were not necessarily given this url by me, which again implies that I don't necessarily know you and that you don't necessarily know me.

Though this blog has been in existence for over a year, its readership was restricted to only a handpicked few who knew where to find it. These few too, were sworn to secrecy and made to sign an NDA (ok not really, but I did request them not to tell anyone).

So to all of you who were reading this blog with the condition, "don't spread the url around" -- well, that condition is hereby withdrawn. :)

While I'm meta-posting any way, here are a few changes made recently:

  • New feed powered by FeedBurner (Subscribe!)
  • Google Analytics tracking (I'll be watching you!)
  • Other stuff (I don't remember/don't care)
Post your bouquets in the comments, brickbats can go here. :)


P.S: If have actually been here longer than a couple weeks, consider yourself a member of a very elite club. ;)

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