"Wierd Weather"

The weather nowadays is weird. Weirder than the weird spelling of 'weird' in the post title. Seriously.

I've started out from home in overcast conditions, (obviously) wearing a jacket. But 15 minutes through the journey, the clouds have suddenly disappeared and it's bright sunshine. My black jacket now acts like a perfect black body, absorbing all of the sun's radiation (Physics, biyatch, should I teach you it?), and literally cooks me inside.

The same works in reverse too, I start out, wearing a T-shirt, when the skies are sunny -- and then it rains.

(On a side note, if "wet T-shirt" was the first word connection that came to your mind when you read the last sentence, I like the way you think ;) . However if you thought 'hexium in a wet T-shirt', that's... somewhat disturbing. You might want to seek help. :/ )

Back to topic -- Global Warming (sorry, "Climate Change", as you like to be called nowadays), alright, you win. I'm a believer. Now please stop doing that. It's annoying.

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