It has been over a month since I started this blog (and over 2 weeks of actually posting!) so I decided to review my work so far. What I found surprised me, and I don't mean the good kind of surprise either. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, indecipherable sentences -- they were all there. And what was I thinking when I put all those labels/tags there?

So I went through the posts and corrected some typos and grammar mistakes that I found (although I am pretty sure there are still many more) and of course, (by popular demand) got rid of most of the pointless labels.

I also made a few title/content changes here and there, since I was editing the posts anyway.

Exercise to the reader: see if you can spot the differences. Hint: I wouldn't dream of changing a title! (that should give you pointers to two posts that have changes.)

As for why the title of this post is "Re-View" with a hyphen... I reviewed my posts, so now you will have to re-view them! :D

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